Protect Your Knees from ACL injuries- Use Knee Braces

Published: 14th May 2010
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ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries to the knees are very common among sports persons. Basically any fast motion of the knee that exerts great pressure on the ACL may lead to injury to the ligament. There may be swelling, pain, tenderness and inability to straighten the leg during an acute ACL injury. Most such injuries occur during sports activities but other external causes like motor accidents, repeated trauma, and wear and tear of the knee joints are also supposed as other reasons that contribute to this kind of injury. Good quality knee braces can help protect and prevent you from ACL injuries..

What Leads to ACL injuries?

If the knee is straightened more than 10 degrees beyond its normal position, it can make hyperextension of the knee leading to ACL injuries. This can most often happen during a football or volleyball play or other non athletic activities causing great stress on ligament. Such activities may include skipping off a ladder, jumping from a height, missing a step when walking down a staircase and similar tasks that give an unexpected twist and hyperextention to the knee. If not cared for properly this may lead to unstable knees with pain and swelling.

What Knee Braces Do?

When an individual has sustained a knee injury the aim of using a knee brace is to help a person come back to the previous condition before the injury sustained. The light weight frame supports the knee joint and the straps help to secure the brace. The knee brace provides adequate support to help the knee and ligaments.The knee braces are often used by athletes to prevent ACL injuries. According to some medical experts, when prophylactic knee braces are used, the risk of getting injury to the delicate joints and ligaments are greatly lowered.

Types of Knee Braces:

Commonly three types of knee braces are used by people. The functional knee braces are used after a knee injury to speed up the recovery process. You can find many non-custom knee braces to help support your knee at a fraction of the cost of a custom support.
The prophylactic braces are used to prevent ACL injuries to the knee during athletic activities. Therefore runners, football, volleyball and saucer players wear these braces.
The arthritic knee braces are worn by individuals with arthritis..Arthrtis is the inflammation of the joints and using a knee brace may reduce the inflammation on knee joints.
When choosing a knee brace some special care may be given to its size, material and price. When you plan to buy a custom knee brace it may cost you a little higher. There are some very good non custom knee braces available at very cheap rates. The design and workmanship of the knee braces have greatly improved over time to give you the maximum benefit.

(*This article should not be taken as a serious medical advice and you should always consult a qualified physician to seek advice and help on critical ACL injuries and related issues)


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